Margaret River Senior High School has achieved the top rank of all WA rural schools for academic achievement, based on the exam results of its Year 12 students.  Margaret River was the highest-ranked of all country schools in the School Curriculum and Standards Authority top 50 list, achieving 18th place – 1st of all rural schools.

Margaret River Senior High School also had the highest performing students in the Year 12 ATAR courses of Chemistry, English, Mathematics Methods and Physics.

“Principal Andrew Host said the school had performed well academically for the past decade but the students who finished Year 12 last year had worked extremely hard.
“We really challenged this group,” he said.  “We knew they were very strong but they really worked towards their potential.  We’ve got a community that really values education, excellent students that work very hard and very high quality staff.”

Mr Host said the school had grown rapidly, almost doubling in the past five years, and about half the Year 12 students took ATAR courses.

“We put all the students on individual pathways right through Year 11 and 12,” he said.  “We try to cater for a fairly wide range of abilities.”

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Congratulations to all 2016 Year 12 students for their hard work and excellent achievement.