Day One.

Not too much to say as travel dominated most of it of course. Great start, all on time, in good spirits. Parents hung around until kicked out by kids, tears of goodbye flowed freely (only from parents of course) parents left, not sure kids noticed. Excitement running high. Check in went without hitch, then on to flight. Kids in seats then the seat bartering took place; 238 seat shifts later and everyone happy. Given the time 1am most settled well, movies watched, games played and an in flight meal consumed. Then we are at Singapore.
2 hours later, process repeats before arriving in Beijing. Hour’s drive to our dinner place and our first Chinese meal. Much was consumed, then much more and then some more. Kids were great, everything was tried. Bodes well for the trip.

From there to hotel. Again fairly seamless. Rooms allocated, already arranged and most were too tired to be a problem. Minor settling down issues only and off to bed. Ready for our first big day tomorrow. Sorry parents, no wailing kids suffering homesickness, no ‘I can’t sleep cos I miss mom/dad.’ But lots of excitement in the air. Catch you soon with Day Two.

Regards, Martin