{besps}faculties/math{/besps}Mathematics teaches the essential knowledge required to succeed in most skilled careers. Mathematics is a prerequisite for Engineering, Aviation, Physics and many more highly paid professions.

There are many definitions of Gifted but to become Talented as well requires consistent effort over many years. Mathematics is not a subject that you can suddenly start trying and expect to be at the same level as those who were trying all the time. In Year 12, Mathematics offers courses spanning over several years of mathematical development the course you end up doing is determined by the effort that you are prepared to put in leading up to your final year.

Successes in Recent Years:

We have won the Have Sum Fun Bunbury competition for Years 8-10 on two occasions.

A student being awarded a prize in the Australia Mathematics Competition for being one of the best performing students in all of Western Australia. Three students being placed in the top ten in their Tertiary Entrance Mathematics Exams. Twice being placed in the 10 top performing schools in Mathematics in the Tertiary Entrance Exams.

We enrich our students at all levels by competing in the Australian Mathematics Competition, inviting Travelling Mathematics shows to the school and competing in local mathematics quiz competitions where students meet with like-minded students.

With the use of Mathletics, and streamed Enrichment classes in Lower School, we individually cater to the needs of all students.

In Years 8 and 9, we run streamed classes. These consist on an Enrichment class, General Classes and an Essentials class. The Enrichment and General classes have common assessment items so that we can ensure that students are always placed in a class commensurate with their ability and effort. The Essentials class looks more at skill based work and individual learning programs using  Mathletics, 10 Ticks and That Quiz to target student needs.

Year 10 classes are doing Upper School Courses of Study Students do either Mathematics 1A or Mathematics 2AB. The Enrichment students do  the Mathematics 2CD course.  Students will get credit for these units in the Secondary Graduation Certificate. Our aim is to start to prepare students for the expectations and rigor of Year 11 and 12.

Currently we are teaching the requirements set down by the Curriculum Council of Western Australia necessary for both Graduation and entrance to tertiary institutions. There are several starting points for students, depending on their level of achievement in Year 8, 9 and 10. Our greatest concern is to ensure students experience success in Year 12, so students are recommended a starting course with the endpoint in mind.

Students who do Mathematics 1A in Year 10 will generally continue with Mathematics 1BC in Year 11 and then Mathematics 1DE in Year 12. Students who achieve an A in Mathematics 2AB in Year 10 might start Year 11 in Mathematics 3AB followed by Mathematics 3CD. Students who achieve a B in Mathematics 2AB in Year 10 might start in Mathematics 2CD, followed by Mathematics 3AB. Student who achieve a C Mathematics 2AB in Year 10 would be expected to repeat this course in Year 11

Any Level 2 or 3 Mathematics course can be used as part of your ATAR. Obviously they get progressively more difficult, so a bonus is given depending on the course. Mathematics 2AB is the lowest course, Mathematics 2CD is given a 10% bonus, Mathematics 3AB is given a 20% bonus and Mathematics 3CD is given a 30% bonus. In Year 12, students should try to do the highest level at which they can succeed. For most of our tertiary bound students, this will be Mathematics 2CD. Level 3 Mathematics is only for students who have achieved high levels of success throughout their lower school years. They are the culmination of many years of hard work and require large amounts of pre-knowledge.