Margaret River Senior High School (SHS) emerged victorious in the 2023 Illuminate Business Challenge, an event organized by Illuminate Education Australia to promote innovation and education among students. The challenge took place at Cape Naturaliste College in Vasse and featured students from Years 7 to 10 presenting innovative business concepts.

Illuminate Education Australia’s commitment to nurturing young entrepreneurs was evident throughout the event. Students were tasked with designing digital solutions to address real-world problems, considering the ethical implications and the role of artificial intelligence. The judging panel included Scott Robinson, founder of thebox, an integrated marketing and advertising company based in Busselton.

Margaret River SHS claimed both the first and second prizes with their creative ideas:

1.     The winning Year 7 students introduced “AnxietyWatch,” a device that measures anxiety levels through blood pressure monitoring, offering instant feedback and positive messages to alleviate stress in teenagers.

2.     The runners-up Year 9 students created the “Mess Free, Stress Free” app, aiding cleaning organization and time management.

3.     Year 10 students presented “GoPots,” an automated driverless taxi service aimed at promoting socialization among teenagers while reducing transportation burdens on parents.

4.     A group comprising Year 7 and 10 students developed “VPE” (Vaping Prevention and Education), offering a comprehensive package to combat teenage vaping, including education, alarms, sensors, and counselling.

5.     The Year 8 students showcased an audio-visual testing device that has the potential to identify conditions like dyslexia and dysgraphia.

The Illuminate Business Challenge demonstrated the potential of these young minds in addressing real-world issues and underscored Illuminate Education Australia’s dedication to nurturing future innovators. These students exemplified remarkable creativity and problem-solving skills, promising a positive impact on society through their entrepreneurial endeavours. The students would like to thank Lenka Bassham from Cape Naturaliste College for organising this event, the lively presenter from Illuminate Australia, Jessi Mostogl, and the judge, Scott Robinson.

Link to the video:

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