On Monday, the Year 9/10 Netball Team came in to play a friendly game of netball against our travelling friends from Hedland. This MRSHS team consisted of the following students; Ava Robins, Keale Buckland, Caitlin Smith, Mischa Edwards, Riley Field, Kasey Walton, Taryn Semenow, Gabby Male, Lulu Goodall and Poppy Saunders.  
These girls had been training hard throughout Term 3 in preparation for the visit. They came out firing and performed exceptionally well. Leaving the Hedland girls stunned. The result ended in MRSHS favour, with a 36-6 win. 

Congratulations to all of the team as recognition for their hard work, dedication to early morning trainings and maturity when representing MRSHS.   

Thank you to the support from Administration along with Sue and Chris Buckland. Thanks to the Upper School Students: Cobie Field, Jessi Whitehead and Phoebe Wilcox for giving up their time to come in and help set up, umpire and score. This wouldn’t have been possible without them. This Netball team will be up against the Specialist Netball Team from Aranmore SHS in Week 4 this term.

Jenelle Keding