Margaret River SHS collected SIX Languages awards in the 2022 Modern Language Teachers’ Association (MLTAWA) Side-by-Side speaking competition. Helen Kuehs, the MLTAWA president, stated that the students and the school had done exceptionally well. She will send an invitation to the awards ceremony, where your students will receive their certificates, vouchers and the school trophy.

In this speaking competition, two students of a similar age stand side by side and video record a spontaneous conversation by asking and answering questions about any topic using familiar language recently explored in class. The school’s success stems from the strength of the Languages programs that use the Side-by-Side format as a Common Assessment Task (CAT) across all six languages offered: German, French, Spanish, Italian, Indonesian and Chinese.

Students with a home Language background participated in the MLTAWA Let Me Tell You a Story, Let Me Tell You in My Language 2022 competition. Lilly Coleman, Arnika Dale and Caspian McAuliffe (all German speakers) received a highly recommended award. The judges were very impressed by their entries, but the spoken eBooks they created needed to include an intercultural component.

Congratulations to the following winners:

French, Year 7: Jace Reynolds and Jordan Beere 

Video link:!AuMd_nVaQVa4ipc-BlVsHBRsyNGEdQ?e=8oeH01

French, Year 9: Mali Rosman and Eleanor Taylor 

Video link:!AuMd_nVaQVa4ipc_fZIz5fM4tRcUCw?e=fqVhee

German, Year 8: Caspian Ensor and Tex Alcock 

Video link:!AuMd_nVaQVa4ipdC7deQKZgoqxJgUg?e=VEFfPc

German, Year 9: William Still and Jake McKenzie 

Video link:!AuMd_nVaQVa4ipdAYwJNY6N9Tatxhg?e=1c9GXE

Italian, Year 8: Maya Garcia and Josie Bower 

Video link:!AuMd_nVaQVa4ipc9-o77B8XCY7SHnQ?e=DIlCKd

Spanish, Year 8: Jimi Grapes and Mali Travaglini 

Video link:!AuMd_nVaQVa4ipdBCkNnYpAL3BUCnw?e=GXP2jj

Let Me Tell You a Story, Let Me Tell You in My Language 2022 German Highly recommended, Year 8: Lilly Colemann

Link to the ePub book:

From your Languages teachers:

Marian Grapes (Italian and Spanish)

Jennifer Hill (French)

Angela McCoy (Indonesian and Chinese)

Patrick Marzohl (German)