To round up the most successful student leadership year ever, the announcement was made by Minister for Education, Tony Buti, that Kiara Lee-Pullen has been appointed to the Western Australian Student Council, a first for the school. This appointment marks the beginning of a two-year journey, encompassing their Year 10 and 11, where the student will engage in leadership at a state level and work closely with the Minister for Education, Tony Buti MLA.

Kiara’s path to the council reflects a strong commitment to leadership and community involvement. Active in the school’s student council since Year 7, their role in various initiatives like the UN Youth Evatt debating contest and the School Conflict Resolution and Mediation (SCRaM) program has been noteworthy. Additionally, their previous involvement with the Commissioner for Children and Young People’s Advisory Committee has prepared them for this prestigious role.

A key focus for Kiara will be advocating for inclusive and safe educational environments, especially for gender-diverse, queer, and neurodiverse students. Their active participation in the school’s Q-Squad and dedication to representing neurodiverse students demonstrate a commitment to making impactful changes at the state level.

Kiara stated that the dedication of the teachers of Margaret River SHS to creating leadership opportunities and broadening educational experiences has significantly contributed to this remarkable success.

Kiara’s diverse interests extend far beyond the academic and leadership realms. They are involved with the Margaret River Surf Life Saving Club, the MR Junior Roller Derby team, and have showcased their talent in the local theatre scene. These varied experiences, combined with their drive for student advocacy, positioned them as exemplary representative for the region on the State Student Council.

This appointment is not just an individual achievement but a moment of pride for the entire Margaret River community, reflecting the potential and dedication of its youth in shaping a better future.

Kiara, you are an amazing ambassador for the students in this wonderful community. Thank you for your passion, interest and dedication!

Patrick Marzohl