The Evatt Trophy Competition engaged southwest High School students in world affairs and issues through debating mock United Nations Security Council (UNSC) resolutions from the position of an assigned country. In pairs, delegates from McKillop College, Busselton SHS, Cape Naturalist College and Margaret River SHS were given a UNSC country and the ‘Question of Algerian Reparations’ resolution. They then debated, amended and finally voted on the resolution. The competition provided a forum for high school students to meet other like-minded students and developed their public speaking and negotiation skills. It fostered learning through a non-teaching environment and created a positive and empowering experience for students interested in international relations, politics and world affairs. The students participated in this flipped classroom learning opportunity with unprecedented enthusiasm, wit and dedication. As one student put it: “Can we have one of these debates every term, please?” Special thanks go to the six members of UN Youth WA who travelled down to Margaret River on Thursday, 24 June, to adjudicate a Margaret River SHS qualification round and the Southwest Evatt competition on Friday, 25 June. The students now await the results of this competition round.

Patrick Marzohl 
Teacher of European Languages and Humanities and Social Sciences, and Student Leadership Coordinator 
Margaret River Senior High School