Margaret River Senior High School Languages learners have started the 2021 EP Languages World Championship with astonishing dedication. Despite the interruption caused by the Sports Carnival, the school is currently in 28th position of nearly 4000 schools world-wide. 53 students have already achieved an award. Currently, four students are on an Emerald Award with over 5000 points. Each time a student receives one of the six awards (Credit, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Emerald or Elite), they are credited with an RRR or Commendation school award. A total of 563 hours of Language learning have accumulated in just three days by 332 enrolled students and over 240,000 questions in German, French, Italian, Chinese, Indonesian, etc have been answered. This is a new school record. The interest, dedication, and enthusiasm by Margaret River SHS students has been astonishing. Every recess and lunchtime, the HASS&Languages corridor is buzzing with students eager to achieve the next award level. On Friday, the Year 7 German class has re-taken the lead from the Year 8 German class and are heading for a pizza lunch. The competition closes on Tuesday, 23 March at 1 pm and all students studying Languages are encouraged to achieve a Credit Award (500 points or 3 hours of studying Languages) by then. The medal ceremony will take place on Wednesday, 24 March and the many certificates will be handed out in the Languages lessons that follow. 

Marian Grapes, Angela McCoy, Jennifer Hill & Patrick Marzohl
Teachers of Languages, Margaret River SHS