At Margaret River Senior High School our primary goal is to ensure that we provide a good service to students and parents, therefore we sincerely appreciate your feedback. Please take a few minutes by emailing us at [email protected]


Position Name Telephone Email
General Enquiries
Jane Litynski 9757 0700
[email protected]
Student Absentees, Appointments, Messages, Lost property Student Services 97570 795 [email protected]
Principal Andrew Host
9757 0700 [email protected]
Deputy Principal
Merv McKillop
9757 0702 [email protected]
Deputy Principal
Hetty Bogerd
9757 0703 [email protected]


Cristina Oliveira 97570704 [email protected]
HOLA Mathematics
Bruce Darby
9757 0746 [email protected]
HOLA English
Ed Lacy
9757 0735 [email protected]
HOLA Science
Liam Smith
9757 0763 [email protected]
Michael Caudle
9757 0774 [email protected]
HOLA Technology & Enterprise
Vicki Williamson
9757 0744 [email protected]
HOD Health & Phys Ed Paul Beecham 9757 0758 [email protected]
HOLA Arts Kara Beecham 9757 0758 [email protected]
HOLA VET Tony Ewing 9757 0777 [email protected]
Mentoring Program
9757 0795 [email protected]

John Nelson

Katherine Seisun

9757 0717

[email protected]

[email protected]

Student Services Co-ordinator
Lee Pike
9757 0720 [email protected]
Lower School Co-ordinator
Patrick Marzohl
9757 0786 [email protected]
Participation Co-ordinator
Jo Dorrington
9757 0718 [email protected]
Learning Support Co-ordinator
Leanne Hayes
9757 0736 [email protected]