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Language students at Margaret River SHS are world-class

Margaret River SHS German, French, Italian, Indonesian and Chinese students have demonstrated resilience, commitment, and [...]

School Based Apprenticeships and Traineeships 2021 and Beyond

Opportunities for students to do more in their final years at school are increasing. In [...]

Gold Medal at WA WorldSkills Competition

Year 11 student Kallan Sherwood was recently awarded the Gold Medal for the State Division [...]


Languages {besps}faculties/languages{/besps} Indonesian All human relationships are founded on the ability of people to communicate [...]


Mathematics {besps}faculties/math{/besps}Mathematics teaches the essential knowledge required to succeed in most skilled careers. Mathematics is [...]

Enrichment Programs

Enrichment Programs Society and Environment Fremantle Prison & Maritime Museum Visit As part of the [...]

Engagement Program

Senior School Engagement Program This is a stub. All subsequent entries for need to be [...]

Career Development Centre


Technology and Enterprise

Technology and Enterprise {besps}faculties/tech_ent{/besps}At Margaret River Senior High School, the Technology and Enterprise learning area [...]

Society & Environment

Society & Environment{besps}faculties/sose{/besps} The numerous successes and achievements by both students and staff of the [...]