Margaret River Senior High School students have performed incredibly well in the recent WACE Exams. The school’s median ATAR of 81.45 is on par with last years highest ever score with Hugo Cartell-Smith and Wesley Dalbock achieved 99.55 and 99.5 respectively, placing them in the top 0.5% of all students who completed the ATAR exams. Similarly, there were outstanding performances from a range of students with a total of 17 achieving an ATAR rank of 90+.  

Hugo Cartell Smith who achieved a 99.55 will be having a gap year and hopes to study medicine in 2023. Wesley Dalbock with an ATAR score of 99.5 hopes to study a Bachelor of Engineering and a Bachelor of Philosophy at UWA. Sasha Hughes (Head Student 2021) is applying for a Direct Pathway to Medicine at UWA.  All three students have received a Hackett Hall scholarship for UWA. Cobie Field will be undertaking studies in Politics, Philosophy and Economics at UWA. Austin Dempsey received a direct entry into Commerce and Finance at Curtin University before the exams commenced but will be taking a gap year. Austin has moved to Perth, is playing Colts with East Perth and has had talks with Carlton and The West Coast Eagles Football clubs. Lindsey Reed has offers to The West Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA), University of Melbourne and Monash University.  

Lindsey Reed paid tribute to her teachers “who were always available to give support” and Cobie Field said, “it was great how the students were able to help each other at any time, day and night”. Principal Andrew Host wanted to congratulate all students from the Class of 2021 for their various achievements and endeavours, “Together with our dedicated staff and supported by parents, our students have achieved their personal best”.