A record number of seventeen speakers from Years 7 to 10 participated in the 2020 Voice WA Public Speaking competition round at Margaret River SHS this year. Most speakers reflected on how to make our cities more sustainable, to improve animal welfare in industry, combat unemployment and make improvements to our health system. Creative thinking and conceptual problem solving resulted in discussions about utilising hydrogen fuel, green city designs, unconditional basic income, new definitions of employment, funding suggestions for making quality health systems accessible, and an industry devoid of animal cruelty. The judges were impressed by the enthusiasm and dedication of the students. After delivering their speeches, the students were asking two impromptu questions each to clarify and elaborate on their propositions. The participants will receive feedback and a possible invitation to attend the State finals by mid-November. The school would like to forward a MASSIVE THANK YOU to the organisers and judges of UN Youth Western Australia who travelled all the way from Perth and back to give our students this unique academic extension opportunity. 

Patrick Marzohl 
Head of Department, Humanities and Social Sciences, and Languages
Teacher of European Languages and Student Leadership Coordinator