2020 Education Perfect Winners

In Weeks 4 and 5, all Languages students at Margaret River SHS participated in the annual Education Perfect Languages World Championship. The competition was a resounding success for the school. 432 students made it onto the scoreboard and a record 116 students (26.9%) achieved an award. The three Languages teachers expected all students to reach 500 EP points and many students exceeded expectations. Together, the students answered 484,211 questions online related to Languages learning exercises. Margaret River SHS students studied 1065 hours of Chinese, Indonesian, French, German or Italian in seven days of competition. The top students studied for over 50 hours.


Margaret River SHS achieved its best ever global ranking. The school ended up 26th out of 2155 schools in the world. In Western Australia, the school was 6th leaving several big city schools behind. The school came third in German in WA, fourth in French, Chinese and Indonesian, and 13th in Italian.


The competition also served as a gauge for the school’s Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and online learning drives. About 25% of the Years 7 and 8 students brought a personal device to school during the competition.


The top 13 students received a medal. The winning students in each class received canteen vouchers and the top Languages class was invited to a pizza lunch provided by the canteen. In a gripping final day of competition, Will Dallimore (Chinese) surpassed Willow Dunn (French) to be crowned 2020 MRSHS EP Languages Champion. Caitlin Young claimed the bronze medal. Mr Marzohl’s Year 7 French class reclaimed top spot in the last two days and thus, secured the pizza lunch. The full achievement list is displayed in the H Building.


The Languages teachers would like to thank all participants for an exciting week of second language learning. The enthusiasm for the competition and learning of students during class, recess, lunch time and at home was unbelievable.


Thanks a lot, I really enjoyed doing the education perfect. I learned a lot and it has been an amazing opportunity. I am happy that I was able to do it this year and can we please do it again next year?
Eleanor Taylor


Just wanted to let you know that this made a big difference in someone’s life and I thank you for that.

Sajer Yurisich


EP is a great and fun way of using individual students’ knowledge of French to gain points and win prizes. I am grateful to be allowed to use this website.

River Hately


EP is sooo awesome I love it!

Ruby Berry


I really happy and proud of myself for coming 11th in the school and 1st in my class. It was fun and I now know much more French. It would be great if we did it again next year and maybe beat my PB.

Lyndi Sharwood


This was a great exercise to get people to learn Languages. It is a fantastic learning environment at home if people are in quarantine.

Tiki Goodall


Thank you for the competition. It was very much fun.

Roka Crabb-Schultz

Patrick Marzohl
Teacher of European Languages & Humanities and Social Science