The 2022 online nomination process has now concluded. Forty-three responses were submitted on or before 26 November 2021; 25 (58%) applicants identified as female and 18 (42%) as male. This week, the nominees need to attend interviews that will conclude the selection process. The representation of the year groups is as follows: 2022 Year 8 (14 nominations), Year 9 (12 nominations), Year 10 (10 nominations), Year 11 (7 nominations) and Year 12 (10 nominations).  
Most of the nominees indicated that they frequently use the school’s online services. They selected teamwork and collaboration, hard work and role modelling, communication and a willingness to serve or support the school community as the most crucial student leadership qualities. They also indicated that they are most interested in organising school events, building culture and personal leadership skills.  About one-third of the nominees have never been student leaders in the past. The general leadership characteristic of the nominees includes reliability and trustworthiness, hard-working, encouragement of others, empathy and high academic achievement.  
Based on this feedback, the 2022 Student Council will focus on collaborative processes to build a culture at Margaret River SHS (e.g., organising small, regular lunchtime and recess events) and personal leadership skill development (e.g., attending skill development events). A non-timetabled class will be created in SEQTA to support SEQTA-based communication and collaborative working. Student councillors will be given opportunities to develop personal skills (e.g., formal meetings, problem-solving and community planning, debating, mediating and public speaking skills) and teamwork. The community service endorsed program (EP) will be available for senior students (Years 10-12).

I am looking forward to working with this great group of students next year. A massive thank you goes to the 2022 senior student councillors who have organised the entire nomination and interview process: (sitting in the front from the leftLilliana Symonds, Salli Howden-Woodland, Sienna Dodd (Head Student), Madeleine Sherlock (Head Student), Allie Halden, Bianca Morgan; (standing in the back from the leftSol Manners, Amelia Glass, Abbey Galvin, Jarvis Ding

Patrick Marzohl Student Leadership Coordinator, Margaret River Senior High School