Technology and Enterprise

{besps}faculties/tech_ent{/besps}At Margaret River Senior High School, the Technology and Enterprise learning area relates to the processes of applying knowledge, skills and resources to satisfy human needs and wants, extending capabilities and realising opportunities.

Technology uses resources, including materials (both raw and processed), tools and machines, knowledge, skills and experiences, as well as investment of time, energy and money. It involves systems for collecting, transporting and transforming materials, for storing and processing information and resources, and for communicating and marketing the outcomes. Technology also includes the processes and products that result from the technological enterprise. Enterprise involves the development and application of skills and attitudes that enable people to actively respond to and be involved in social and economic change. Finally, technology has consequences, costs and benefits that need to be considered carefully and responsibly before decisions are made.

The Course Areas:

Agricultural Studies

The Margaret River Senior High School Farm facilities include poultry and free range eggs, pigs, an aquaculture facility for rainbow trout and yabbies, cattle and sheep handling facilities, alpacas, hydroponic and shade houses, and a vineyard for wine and table grapes.

Information Technology, Business and Career Development

Advances in modern technology have had a great impact on how we communicate. There is now a vast array of information and communication technologies that allow us to live and work in a digital world. Information Technology and Business equips students with skills and knowledge in digital design and programming and how these skills are implemented within the complex society of today’s world.

Career Development has been embedded into the lower school Information Technology classes

  • Year 8 Career and Information Technology
  • Year 9 Career and Information Technology
  • Year 10 Computer Systems
  • Computer Graphics
  • Video Editing
  • Year 11/12 Certificate II Business
  • Certificate II Information Technology
  • Computer Science 2A, 2B
  • Computer Science 3A, 3B
  • Certificate II Tourism (Currently delivered by Margaret River Education Campus)

Design and Technology

Design and Technology provides a unique focus on creativity, innovation and the successful realisation of ideas. Students will investigate the importance of the “design process” and the implementation of emerging technologies, project management, and communication skills. During the completion of high quality design projects, students are provided with the opportunity to develop design, management, production and manufacturing skills in a safe working environment.

  • Year 8 Metalwork & Technical Drawing
  • Woodwork & Technical Drawing
  • Year 9 Jewellery
  • Metalwork
  • Mechanical Workshop
  • Photography 1 and 2
  • Woodwork 1 – Theme: Toys
  • Woodwork 2 – Theme: Storage
  • Year 10 Jewellery 1 and 2
  • Metalwork 1 and 2
  • Photography 1 and 2
  • Technical Drawing – Computer Aided Design
  • Woodwork 1 – Theme: Clocks
  • Woodwork 2 – Theme: Furniture
  • Woodwork for Girls
  • Year 11/12 Certificate II in Building & Construction
  • Certificate 1 Rural Operations (Agriculture)
  • Yr 11/12 Design Photography
  • Materials, Design & Technology – Metal 1C, 1D
  • Wood, Design & Technology – Wood 1C, 1D

Home Economics

Home Economics offers intensive courses for those passionate to develop new skills and practices related to independent living in society for today’s world. We provide practical learning experiences for the production of nutritious cuisine, unique fabric creations and the skills and techniques required for working with children. Students develop the key skills of independence, responsibility, cooperation and understanding within all our courses.

  • Year 8 Home Economics & Farm
  • Year 9 Food and Fitness
  • Year 10 Catering towards a Career
  • Entertaining with Food
  • International Food
  • Child Development
  • Clothing and Construction
  • Year 11/12 Food Science & Technology