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MRSHS China Tour – Day 5 Forbidden City – Xian, Dumplings and Chinese Calligraphy

Here we are, final day in Beijing and what a ripper (get that Aussie slang [...]

MRSHS 2019 China Tour – Day 4 – Beijing Opera

Something different today, off to learn how to understand and appreciate the Beijing opera. This [...]

MRSHS 2019 China Tour – Day 3 – The Great Wall of China

OK, speechless, what can I possibly have to say about the chance to stand on [...]

MRSHS 2019 China Tour – Day One

Day One. Not too much to say as travel dominated most of it of course. [...]

MRSHS China Tour 2019 – Day 2 Report

Our first full day of activity in China and as tradition dictates, girls down to [...]