Attendance Policy


It is a requirement of the Education Act that all absences from school must be explained by the parent or guardian.  Please email [email protected] prior to the day of the absence, or as soon as possible. These emails must be dated and specify the reasons for the absence(s). 


Where you may be absent for a prolonged period of time your parents should contact the school as soon as possible by email to margare[email protected]  Homework may be arranged if the absence is expected to be a week or longer. The provision of school work is a matter to be negotiated with the classroom teacher – please email them through SEQTA Engage: – the instructions are on the Welcome Page.  If you require a login or help with SEQTA engage please email [email protected].


Students are expected to begin all classes on time.  Late arrival interrupts the learning of other class members. If you arrive late to school you must sign in at Student Services and get a late note. You will not be admitted to class without a late note.


Students who have a dentist’s or doctor’s appointment are to email [email protected] prior to the appointment with an explanation from their parent/guardians. The student is to collect a Leave Pass from Student Services before school.